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A pink laptop is like a fashion accessory nowadays for many people. You can probably guess they are hugely popular with women and girls, but increasingly pink laptops are being bought by men as pink is perfect!

All the top manufacturers make pink notebooks, but perhaps the most well known is Dell. Everyone has a preference when it comes to technology, but the fact remains that Dell is possibly the largest manufacturer of laptop computers in the world. The quality of computer specifications available and aesthetics is unrivalled, and that's why big D are argually the best.

Dell offer a fantastic range of pink laptops for pretty much all users- whether you're a university student looking to write essays and look great in the library, a hardcore gamer who doesn't want to skimp on the style, or a professional who wants to look good designing websites, running marketing campaigns or checking the servers!

The smallest offering by Dell is the Inspiron Mini 10 which is more of a netbook. Available in pink it has a 10.1" screen and up to 9.5 hours of battery life. The base model is £249 and features the new Intel Atom processor, it really is a pocket rocket that'll keep you plugged in when on the go.

The entry level laptop is the Inspiron 15 which features a 15.6" screen and is ideal for performing basic multimedia tasks such as office applications, listening to music and even watching DVDs. The base model (£339) features an Intel Celeron processor, however an extra £40 will get you an Intel dual core. Complete with Windows 7 the Inspiron is certainly the king of the entry levels. The Inspiron is also available with a 17.3" screen- this model is called, unsuprisingly, the Inspiron 17.

Moving up a gear, Dell offer the Studio range which are available in 15.6" (Studio 15) and 17.3" (Studio 17) HD screens. The Studios are packed full of performance parts and come in pink of course. Whether you're writing an essay, playing a DVD or playing a game, the Studio will keep going and not let you down. The functionality is truly mind boggling, with features such as a DVD-RW, enough USB ports for a small army and even an HDMI connector. Under the hood is the new Intel I series processor range- Intel i3, i5 and i7 which are like mini nuclear reactors! The base model Studio 15 is £499, while the Studio 17 comes in at a respectable £579. Stylish and powerful are all you need to remember.

Hardcore gamers will appreciate the Alienware or Dell XPS range of laptops. Some limited edition models come in pink, but overall these babies will eat any game for breakfast. If you're more concerned about FPS than looks, these should be your first ports of call.

Plainly then, Dell offer a great range of laptops for all types of users so you're sure to find something to fit your needs. If you're not concerned with any of the specs, just remember they come in pink!

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Pink Dell Laptop

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This article was published on 2010/03/26