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What would little girls everywhere do without their pink cuddle bears? It's hard to imagine, really, given bears are undoubtedly not only the most popular soft toy on the planet, but are every child's lifelong companion.

A pink cuddle bear is exactly what you think it is: a teddy bear that is pink in color and is used for cuddling. You may wonder why anyone would choose to have a pink cuddle bear over a teddy bear that looks more like a real bear, but there are any number of reasons. Pink is typically associated with women, in particular babies and young girls. It is often a little girls favorite color. Perhaps her wardrobe is primarily pink because she likes the color so much. Or, that same little girl has a pink bedroom, again because it's her favorite color. Or, a mother-to-be is about to have a baby girl and pink is the theme of both her baby shower and the chosen color for the new child's room. The child that loves pink would certainly want to have plush toys in the same color and a pink cuddle bear fits the bill perfectly.

Pink is a combination of the colors red and white. The quality of the energy found in the color pink is determined by how much red can be found in it. White represents the potential for fullness while red is used to help you achieve ones potential these two energies are combined with the color pink. Pink can also give you feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth, love, and acceptance. With a pink cuddle bear, feelings of calm, relaxation, and contentment will be evoked. What could be better?

During the Elizabethan era, both the color and material used to make the the clothing at the time was extremely important. English law called the Sumptuary Laws - dictated who could wear the color pink. The symbolism in the colors that Elizabethan clothing was made of, which included the color pink, dictated information about the status of the men and women wearing it. Ultimately, social standing, religious beliefs, and even wealth was reflected in the colors worn.

While times have changed greatly since laws decided on who could wear what color, one thing has remained the same: the color pink is still popular enough that it is not just limited to clothing; furniture, paint, flowers, cars, to name a few, can all be found in the color pink. Of course, plush toys like pink cuddle bears, are just as popular as anything else that is pink in color.
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Pink Cuddle Bear

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This article was published on 2010/10/26